Ireal pro windows

Anyone knows of any app like iReal Pro for Windows Phone. Hello all! I have a bit of a complicated situation here that I don't necessarily expect to get all of the answers for here. But at any rate, here goes: I have an old Kindle Fire HD, the Tate one (7", Dual core, etc) that I installed cyanogenmod on. I use some apps that aren't common but are important to my field, so having a full android UI/OS was incredibly important to me, especially compared to what I always thought as horrible, Amazon UI. Now that Cyanogenmod is discontinued I've been looking for a real book and I'm a bit confused on what I should get. I'm a guitarist, singer and drummer. Someone showed me iReal pro and I would like something similar with the backing tracks however unfortunately I use windows and not mac. The person who showed me iReal pro uses this in conjunction with a real book for the melodies. Ideally, I'd have a book with chords and melodies and a program for windows with backing tracks. Any ideas. Greetings, I'm hoping someone can help me make sense of this. I have a new iMac, and it's been a nightmare of random shut downs and finder freezes. I've tried the usual PRAM, SMC, and OS reinstalls. I do have AppleCare, but there's no Apple Store in my area. I got it at Best Buy, they think the computer is fine and can only send it back to Apple. It's my work computer and I can't be without for a month. Someone suggested EtreCheck, and my report is below. If I understand what I am seeing, Crashp.